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Madison Metropolitan School District

Academic Programming

Core Academic Subjects

At Anana Elementary, we believe every child deserves high quality, rigorous, grade-level instruction in all subject areas every day. Our curricula emphasize academic skills grounded in the Common Core State Standards and provide enriching experiences to enhance learning. Our language arts programs provide opportunities for listening, speaking, reading, and writing connected to science and social studies content in addition to the explicit foundational skills that students need to learn to read. In math, we teach students problem-solving, reasoning, and how to communicate their thinking using mathematical language. Throughout a student’s day, they engage in inquiry, critical and creative thinking, and the ability to become independent, lifelong learners. The resources we use are:

  • Spanish Language Arts: Benchmark adelante & Benchmark taller de fonetica
  • English Language Arts: EL Education
  • Mathematics: Bridges in Mathematics
  • Science: Amplify Science
  • Social Studies: Embedded in language arts
  • Social Emotional Learning: MMSD curricula & embedded in language arts

Dual Language Immersion (DLI)

Incoming kindergarten and 1st grade students from the Anana, Orchard Ridge, and Huegel attendance areas have the choice to apply for enrollment in DLI programming at Anana. This program facilitates grade-level learning experiences in English and Spanish over the course of a school day. The program started in 2017 with one kindergarten class, and has since expanded to serve kindergarten through fifth grade scholars. For more information about DLI programming in our school district, refer to this link.


Anana Elementary School provides all students in kindergarten through fifth grade a Chromebook device to enhance their learning experience at school. All classrooms are also equipped with Promethean Smart TVs which provide students and staff the opportunity to engage in touch-screen teaching and learning.

Advanced Learning

Advanced Learning is a continuum of advanced instruction and learning opportunities that broaden, deepen or stretch beyond grade level expectations when students are ready for this next level of challenge. There are five domains of Advanced Learning: Specific Academic, General Intellectual, Visual and Performing Arts, Creativity, and Leadership. Students can be identified in one, or many domains.

Advanced Learning Specialists are assigned a half-time position at each Elementary school. Their role includes partnering with classroom teachers and other school staff to guide Advanced Learning implementation as well as providing direct instruction to students. The Advanced Learning specialist at Anana is Stephen Abernathy (

Related Arts Classes

All classes kindergarten through fifth grade engage in 4.5 hours of related arts instruction every week. Students attend physical education (3 times per week), music (2 times per week), art, and discovery lab (STEM) classes led by specialists in those content areas. Fifth graders have the opportunity to learn to play the violin, viola, or cello as participants in the district Strings program.

Other Programs

Anana offers full-day kindergarten, half-day 4-year-old kindergarten, and Early Childhood peer model programming for 3 year-olds. We have a reading interventionist that provides additional reading instruction for students requiring additional support. Students are also supported with special education services and English as a Second Language (ESL) programming. Additionally, student services are provided by Speech/Language clinicians, a psychologist, social worker, parent liaison, nurse, positive behavior support coach, instructional coaches, behavior education assistants, special education assistants, and occupational and physical therapists.